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Less Mission Return Time Or More Xp

misson time missons pve IDEAS major inprovements pls fix improvements gameplay future update update

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hi im reid

ive been playing this game for a long time

ive been wondering if on the next update that you can fix the MISSON RETURN time because its a bs 4 HOUR return time i wouldnt mind waiting an hour for missons i love the idea of misson return time increasing BUT no to a bs 4 HOUR wait PLS FIX


and ik this game is pay to win but i would enjoy the game a 1000X more if you fixed the misson return time and THERES probally tonnes of people who play this game casualy and only play once a week or once a day but i think it will inprove the sales if you fix the return time and in return post more pay to win stuff in return because i wouldnt mind buying some things in the future


PLS MAKE MISSON RETURN TIMES 1HR MAX PLS IM ALLMOST ABOUT DONE WITH THE 4HRS misson return time or make the misson travel books cheaper like 500 gasoline for 25% and for 50% make it 1000 gasoline


in conclusion this will help me a lot in the future and inprove sales because I and many others might play more often. PLS ADD NEXT UPDATE


thanks many love for this game'


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To me it seems like this was written by a 12 year old.

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im sorry my english is bad

but i have great ideas for this game

and by the way im 14 and i barely know english so im sorry

I'm in a different country too and I don't know English well I had to use google translate to post this so I can get this in the game because a lot of people like playing this game in enlish

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You have 2 options;


1) save up fuel for the Union City Shortcuts book from the store, this reduces all played mission return times by 50%, or 


2) Spend $30 supporting the Devs and purchase the Death Mobile Upgrade which caps all return times at 5 minutes for played missions, or 10 for automated missions.

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