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Limit To One The Possible Raid Someone Can Do To Another


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I have been in the dead zone since day one, I have see change(like have survivor hide behind wall or even wall attach itself, oh boy,what are we doing before that update?), change that I have like and other I kinda disaproved(the deathcar upgrade and the balance of the m249-nooooooooo-) and soo on.


See all those changed, not only make a good dev team con artist(and a great one at that) but one that all game on facebook(or any other game wanted to do the same formula) SHOULD COPY because you guys rock and you I raised my baseball caps all the way to the tops for this fabulos game and hope best hope and luck for the future of your studio and the game....


OK let get back to her zombie.... Soo I have left the dead zone and I have comeback not soo long ago trying to found back the joy I got from this game after get raid and raid from a bunch of (insert insult here) and I have quit since It get annoying and it was in the medical update when injury don't heal from their own and blabla......

Soo after I got joy back it was crush again after I was raid.....Of course I accept the concept of raiding and aggred to be part of the game,

I can't found that fair that to be raid twice by the same guys but with another team and all fully heal when my guys are injuried and my wall down, It horse ejection and unfair was fornication under king consentment-if you know what that mean- and i think I am not alone to found people are still abuse sniper it annoying,5 guys(all name fighter one,scavenger 2 and blbla...)5 sniper-did it become a porno or what????


I do found that changed may need to be adress, like this one:

1- Limit the number the number of raid can people do to another for one day(one in this case)

2-balance the sniper(all of them) make them less likely to hit someone x ranged because what is the porpuses of me give shotgun to my guys if they can't hit the ennemy because they are 30 km away world tennis federation, it unfair.


and many That I have forgot since write this wall...

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The number of raids is currently limited to 2 a day.


As long as you are under some sort of cover, the chances of a LR hitting or any gun for that matter decreases

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I don't know what level you are in, but here is some of my tips:

1.  Equip all your survivors with Long Rifles, not Shotguns.

2.  Concentrate defenses on one side of the compound, so the 5 raiders will have to deal with 10 defenders.

3.  Buy and equip the 'White Flag' book to stop getting raided.

4.  Dismantle your fuel generator if you do not use it.  This will stop raiders raiding you for fuel.

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lower lvls LRs only unless you got 50% range AR with deadeyes! gear depends on lvl mix of crafted range glasses, bandos, reload vests, health vests, crafted armors. 50+ LRs mixed with ARs, LMGs. gear armors uni/crafted with range some use deadeyes also. but what ever you do please dont use shotguns, pistols or SMGs on defends or raids that is just fing weird. before my pc crashed I had large collection of epic failers with weird shit. if you dont wist to be part of raiding get WF, stop refilling genny and remove it. dont be part of ally with raiders all of those limit changes of getting raided, if you want to take part there are alot of channels on youtube with videos on raiding. just have a quick search there and learn few tricks from it. 

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