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Herc Raid

Raid compound HERC

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So how about an alternative to a zed compound raid, a HERC raid? I'm not suggesting a replacement to infected raids, just perhaps an addition to at post 50 levels. It would be like a normal raid, except in reverse. You would be defending your compound against armed attackers.


Perhaps this maybe the comeback to the proposed compound raids Con is thinking of in the proposed roadmap, or simply an added element and comeback for hitting them (HERC) on the island.

Given the game seems to lack movable AI with guns, it would work something like this. 


HERC detected, countdown. Depending on where your survivors are placed, the raid would start with smoke grenade effect covering multiple entry points around the edges of your compound, or if you have placed your survivors indoors, your compound door(s) being blown up followed by smoke effect inside. As the smoke clears various HERC guns appear and the shootout begins. Around the edges this would include HERC vehicles they can use for cover. The initial firefight might be over with ease, but to finish the raid you would need to clear the rest of your compound and eliminate all the attackers. HERC might deploy snipers around the edges to lay down suppressing fire, you would have to take them out as well. 


Now this would obviously mean arming all your dudes in reloads and 666's and mowing down the zeds might be a thing of the past, which might actually be a good thing given that's what infected rushes have essentially become for white flaggers (me included at the moment, all that raiding is far to rough). 

Subsequently this might be a raid that triggers only when all you guys are home. 



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