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Siren Tower

PvP Building Traps

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Basically a tower that sound an alarm to either give survivors a bonus(+X% to suppression resistance, vision radius, health, etc.) or it could also spawn infected. It would be triggered by separate buildable pressure plates that are disarmed and activated like normal traps, but once the tower is activated, it can only be deactivated by taking out the tower itself. I personally am more ambivalent about the having it spawn infected, as it would be difficult to balance. Infected could take out traps, and damage barricades, though to raiders without barricades to hide behind and a time limit, they may be more dangerous. Also issues of survivor targeting AI when defending and how and when to prioritize raiders over infected would be difficult to implement. The pressure plates might be harder to spot and to disable using grenades, as it sits low to the ground, though it may be easier for an engineer to disarm. If  it provides defensive bonuses issues with gear interactions and ensuring that defenders don't get something like a 100% suppression resistance bonus with some piece of unique gear, would have to be solved.

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