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Inventory Search Engine

Inventory Search

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Andre F S R

Andre F S R
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Hi, sometimes It´s hard to find item´s by specific name´s on a full inventory even with the sort by alphabet.


So why not to make a Search engine? 


It´s would be something simple in our inventory, In a corner or in a place with plenty of space to place a Search Bar, we could type in what we are Looking For and then it would pop up trough our item´s our matches.


Example: We are on trade and someone is colecting by an example... Tom named Unis, we could go to the top coner and type in Tom, then on the slots it would show up all of our Tom named Uni´s.


Also It could help wen looking for other items like cetain components that are mixed in the middle of everithing and are hard to find.



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Andre Kroon

Andre Kroon
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It should also support being able to search for certain item properties or combinations of properties, and then like set so it only shows say LR's with Effective range, ApS and damage or something like that.

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Would really love this idea to be implemented, can't tell you how tedious it is searching through several pages for a name someone collects.

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