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Inactive Setting In Alliances

Alliances Inactive

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Andre Kroon

Andre Kroon
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What about adding an option you could select to become inactive in your alliance, you could choose to become inactive for a set amount of war rounds or indefinetly if you are not sure how long you will be gone.


This would basicly keep you in the alliance (you can still get kicked obviously), but everyone would be aware that you cant be online, and you also wouldnt affect the amount of things needed during war tasks, and raids on you wont award war points, and if you return in the middle of a war round and click to become active again you would basicly be the same as if you were enlisting, so you couldnt just get back into doing stuff in the middle of a war round. 


I personaly cant see any downsides to this, but I think it would enhance alliances a lot, as you wouldnt be hurting the rest of your alliance by being away for a while.

EDIT: Well except maybe that you still will be taking a slot that someone active could take to raid others for war points, but this would happen even without this as long as the person was in the alliance.

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