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passing player

passing player
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is it me, or did everyone got transported to a different chat?


second link shows the /ls thing is sort of wrong. I got into kongDeadZone0 but it still says zero people.

not that it affect my gameplay, but just to report it.

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There is a glitch sometimes in the chat rooms that we have been trying to pin down with the guys that run our multiplayer servers.


Basically, it seems like 2 people go to join the same chat room at the same time - it doesn't exist yet, so they both create the room....  and then we have a random second chat room that shouldn't exist.  Most of the time it is fine as long as the server is putting you into the same room, but for some reason it messes up the count of how many people are in that particular room.


TL;DR;  Its a bug with back end servers


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i would like to share some concern regarding our trade room channel, there are most of the time that is becoming quite a chat room rather than trade room where all of us are meant to trade stuff and items as such, but there are times players with no regards to rules ( including me at times ) that is taking the trade room to a different worse case scenario..we should implement such rules or commands to prevent us from making trade channel into a chat channel, I.E when i post in chat channel "LF" the command replies me that the channel is invalid for such non related chat or typo. this should also be implemented into the trade channel..


hoping this post could be of some use.

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