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Purchasing Method: Redeem Code-> Prepayed Cards

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If this was already brought up and is open to discussion let me know.


I have played many games with last stand DZ's payment methods: rune scape, AirMech arena, Realm of The Mad God etc.


But I was wondering if pre-played cards were considered or talked about. They are a safer method to buy things, as opposed to putting you credit / debit card info online. They are more convenient for younger players who are too young to have a credit / debit card, or there parents refuse to put there credit / debit info online.


It may be a hassle to have pre-payed cards made but they would bring in money just like a subscription would, and seeing the cards could bring more people to the game what have never heard of it or play similar games and would be interested to play.



Again if this was already brought up and is still in discussion or was closed could someone redirect me to the topic, I wouldn't want to bring back a dead topic.






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