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Warfare 1944 Changes (?)

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Pz III becomes Pz IV with the following changes:


+Pz IV H resists anti tank team better significantly 

-Pz IV H has less armor than the Sherman (against tanks)


+Pz IV H has more main gun damage (against tanks)

-Pz IV H has weaker machine guns


-Sherman is faster

+Pz IV H is cheaper with industry overtime upgrade (700)



German Machine Gun team vs American Machine Gun team


+German MG team deals substantially more damage in proportion

-German MG team costs more (500?)

-German MG team is slower (by a bit)




Tank Main Gun does not break

-->Tank's main gun is too important to lose on such an expensive vehicle

Aircraft attack does much less damage to tanks

Tank model size reduced, hit box reduced

Resource points maximum increased

German artillery fires faster, less damage



Bug Fixes

-German rifleman cheaper upgrade fixed

-Multiple unit per cover, seems to occur as a unit begins taking fire as it moves into occupied cover

-Troops spawning in wrong lane, unknown, usually seems to occur when deploying multiple unit types at a time

-Soldiers keep "moving" even if they are in cover but fail to even shoot or move out of cover even when ordered

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Dude the game has been out for like 7 years, I think you are making this thread kinda late. 


Also the game is completely fine no changes are needed. 

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Better late than never no? I didn't suggest a single difficulty change, if anything though, it should be harder.


Completely fine? I think it's wonderful, but some improvements could be made.

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