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Mission Bug

Bugs Mission Pinedale Warehouse

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During a Mission, I sent the screen becomes brrrrrr.. It seems it's a blurry. Everytime I sent a mission at that area. 






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passing player

passing player
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the link seems to be broken.


                                   "sorry, the content isn't available right now.

The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you're not in."

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the link is broken for me too, but i think i experienced what watsatsuna is trying to describe.

loaded up island today and all i get is static -- you know, the "snow" channel? when your tv isn't tuned to a broadcasting frequency?

the hud and everything is there, chat, tasks on the side, top bar stating your name, books, boosts, place, enemy and level, they all function correctly, but instead of the map and your survivors, you just have a rectangle of fuzz. oh i forgot to mention, the timer didn't count down

i had no choice but to leave area or close the browser...i chose to close the browser, and was able to launch the mission properly.


quite a strange bug...

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Try turning shadows off and see if that helps. There was an issue a while back that sounds similar.

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