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In all those years that LS:DZ has been around I have never bothered with certain features of the game, but I was wondering today... should I automate missions? Why? Does automation yield something more than manual play?

Also, about the Deathmachine. Are those terrific return time upgrades (5 minutes even if you end up on the other side of the world is... wow) worth that much money?


I'm not really new to this game, proof of that is another thread which I made a couple days ago as introduction, but with all the new additions and the rediscovering of old features I'm not sure what my next move should be.

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Automatng missions is a way to scavenge more areas when you have limited time to play the game. If you can only get onto the game for 5-10 minutes, you an send 5 missions to high level area's OR one manual mission.


The Deathmobile upgrade means that if you have a couple of hours to play the game you can run missions to your hearts content as survivors will be returning instantly (using the free speed up for return times under 5 minutes).


More missions = more loot = more chances of getting Uniques. It also means you can donate much more to your alliance tasks during war rounds.


Only you can say if the upgrade would be worth it to you. No-one else will know your financial situation, gameplay style, How long you access the game for at a time etc.

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Autoing missions is viable option for short return time areas and while you're out of ammo you have to use only melees. And the no XP reward of autos can work as advantage for raiders who do not wish or not ready to level up. Other than that I prefer not to auto missions since I got USC 50%, so autoing a mission just triples teturn time :/


DMU, it's $30 and isn't exactly small money. If you're planning on playing this game many hours a day and perhaps even make alts to keep playing, I'd say go for it.

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Auto missions are a great option for the end of the day/last set of missions before you logoff. 


With autos you should be able to send fewer survivors per mission that you'll likely be able to manage on manual.


i.e. If you need a 3-man team to play a mission on manual without injury you can likely pull off the same mission with a 2-man on auto.




Having bought the DMU, I can say it's definitely worth it.   But then I've been playing this for years,   It's a one time, lifetime purchases so the longer you play, the cheaper its gets -- playing for two years it amounts to 1.25 USD per month.   If you can't see yourself playing this game 6 months from now, I"d probably advise against it.

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