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Raid Challenges

raiding ideas challenges

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Are you an OP player full of unis who's so bored that you destroy someone's compound just for the fun out it?


Are you a Master Strategist who wants more difficult and challenging raiding but all of your targets' compounds are nothing but mediocre metal shacks?


Are you a Suicidal Player who's crazy enough to always raid someone who has higher level than you and fully defended by sportshot rifles?



Then convince con to implement this idea!



Raid Challenges!



This idea will make bored players not only do something absolutely stupid, but also be rewarded for doing it!


This mechanic will present players some raiding challenges to complete while thinking about why are they doing this and considering playing the game like a normal person but decided not to instead.


The challenges will not be noob-ish "Raid 10 compounds", "Raid someone and kill all of its survivors", or "Use a grenade to destroy defenses" since they're just some achievements for new players to turn into an awesome raider anyways.


Instead, it would be something like these:


- Hitman: Raid a compound and only incapacitate the leader.

- Thief: Raid a compound, and steal all of their resources without being detected and attacked by the defenders. (Smoke bombs are allowed to use)

- Don't Talk: Raid a compound and disable all of their traps without triggering even a single one.

- Bad Time: Ravage a Ravager's compound

- No Russian: Only use LMG to raid a compound and incapacitate all of the defenders. (You can bring a melee fighter to destroy the defenses, but the LMG fighter should do the killing)

- Dark Soul: Raid a compound without using ranged weapons. (Explosives are allowed to use)

- Hotline: Raid a compound with only 1 or 2 survivors


"Why should I do this?"


What's better than having fun doing something stupid? Being rewarded for it of course!

In each completed Raid challenges, you will gain 100 (or more) fuel as a reward for doing something awesome and leaving your victim scratching its head trying to know why did you just do that!


The challenges aren't Time-Limited, and the players can always skip it. So players could do this whenever they feel like it.



So! You wanna do something stupid or just play the game like an absolutely normal person?

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yeah some of these seem a bit too insane, and i really wouldn't want to see the bad time one (how could a player be considered a "Ravager" in the first place)

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yeah some of these seem a bit too insane, and i really wouldn't want to see the bad time one (how could a player be considered a "Ravager" in the first place)


I just realized that though... Please ignore that one... But these are just examples. If this will be implemented, con will probably make something still Insane but possible unlike these.

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