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Best High Level Melee?

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I'm thinking about crafting the blue sword but I'm not sure if there are better melees out there, would a uni tac blade be better? Or a hammer? halp

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it depends on what your objective is, and how much fuel you have to spend..


For auto missions a max craft blue sword is the best melee weapon, other than a handful of unique tactical blades (and i mean handful -- 99% of tac blades are weaker than a max craft blue sword).


Swords are kinda slow though, and don't have a lock of knockback.  For played missons I prefer the warhammers.  Fast and a lot of knockback.  Some people like the infamous version (Pulverizer) over the "standard" blue one, but that's harder to obtain a max craft (limited by how many notes you have) and costs more.  The drivehammer from last Halloween is a great warhammer style weapon, but you can't craft that right now.


Other people swear by purple longsaws, less damage than the sword, and more range and DPS than the warhammer.




It also comes down to how much fuel you have.   Obtaining a max craft isn't easy, and will take multiple, multiple tries -- which is why a max craft blue is worth as much as good unique.  A comparison blue and purple swords (note: was with the vintage versions, but he concept is largely the same) determined that while yes the blue sword is the better with a max craft by far,  with a bad/poor craft,  the purple sword would be better.   So if you have an extremely limited budget (only able to craft 1-2 swords), the purple sword would be a safer bet.

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When it comes down to solely DPS, nothing beats the blue swords. When you have them equipped with melee combat gear on a fighter, you can achieve a DPS greater than any other melee in the game. I have yet to see a tac blade that beats 1,300 DPS when equipped.
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