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Zombie Hordes Attacking Compound Still Cause Crashes

horde compound attack crash memory preallocation error

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Just a reminder that zombie hordes, for some (many?) of us, cause the game to crash.  We're still here, still paying the 300 fuel/week tax for the Camo book.  But still hoping for a fix sometime.


Again, I'm fairly convinced its a memory preallocation error.  I know those are non-trivial to fix.  In the mean time, it might be worth reconsidering some of the following:


1) A longer term, cheaper Camo in the Apocalypse book.  How about a month for 500 fuel?  (Unless you think you might get the bug fixed in less than a month.)


2) Buffing the infected management research task so it can remove ALL horde attacks, at least at the highest levels


3) Not sure how many players give up and stop playing when the game crashes all the time.  Maybe a BC notice that tells new players about the Camo book for avoiding horde induced crashes?


Thanks, and happy bug hunting!

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Or how about just letting us 'surrender' when the horde comes?  We could get some random injuries and some building could be broken, but we wouldn't have to play the horde.  That would work around it crashing the game.

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