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What's Your Most Infuriating Lag Story?


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Lag in this game has been driving me crazy for awhile and I just hit my limit:


I was raiding the military base in waterside when I got a zombie rush *and* a rare infected at once.  Not good because the game was already doing its 'freeze for a second every few seconds trick' but okay.  I can handle it.  The lag and freezing gets worse but mostly by luck I survive the rare infected and score a box.  Awesome!  Then, with 14 seconds left on the clock and my raiders in the exit zone, the level freezes completely. Nothing works.  Can't even decrease the browser window.  I know from past experience that ctrl-alt-del is the only way out.  I also know that once I do this I'll lose all my progress - the level will be locked, my raiders will be on deployment, but I won't have and of the loot I scavenged.  I'm guessing I won't have the box from the rare infected either.  Sure enough . . .



Con, I really enjoy this game when it works (I enjoyed it enough when I started playing to put money into it).  The gameplay and design are good and I look forward to the updates.  You seem like good people.  And I know that some of the reasons for the lag aren't entirely under your control?  But isn't there anything you can do?  There's no point constantly releasing great updates and new content if the game is essentially unplayable.  Lag and freezing and hang-ups have been part of my playing experience the entire time I've been playing DZ and they keep getting worse.


Anyway, I'm done.  There are better things I can do with my time than play a game where I spend more time waiting for it to run than I do playing.



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I C U Koed

I C U Koed
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Well that's entirely your problem cause in 4 years that I've been playing this game I've never had lag once. Never lag but a potato laptop where fps often dropped under 20.

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