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Collection For Sale

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Hey guys it's leader_lolz here. Some of you may already know me and some of you may not. Anyway, I have a collection of 311 unique and 65 rare g17s' up for sale. I've been collecting them since i was a noob (still am) and I'm looking for someone who'd be interested in taking up this collection. It's the third largest unique specified collection in the game (that I know of) and maybe you could be the one to make it the biggest! Look for me in high trade if you're interested in buying. I'm willing to sell piece by piece at a time rather than all at once, due to the seer fuel costs (I have free trade slots). I'm willing to accept keys/some clothing and I'm not selling just a small amount to one person if their not going to buy the whole collection. It's taken me this long to accumulate them all together, I wont separate them so easily.


Note if you can't find me: Look for members in [AVD] and say you're looking for me.

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