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Freezing, Floating Infected And More....

freezing floating zombies lag

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I've been a Dead Zone player for over a year and a half, and recently (in the last 4 days) have encountered a combination of glitches following the last update that are making this game next to unplayable.
The main one will be listed first.
To summarize, I start a looting mission (in any given place), and sometimes, the following will happen:
Upon starting the mission, my survivors will freeze on the "green" zone / safe zone.
I can't click on them, or anything else.
However, interestingly enough, the Infected are NOT frozen- so yay, as Infected pour in and the screen lags horribly, they immediately attack my survivors.
Here's where it gets better- the survivors don't appear to be fighting back... AT ALL. It's almost like they aren't registering that they're being attacked. If they are, the animation is not showing it, and more to the point, they're taking ridiculous amounts of damage immediately.
So I can't move and I can't do anything to protect them, NOR will the game unfreeze to let me exit the area I was attempting to loot... and I have to wait until ALL of my survivors are downed, only for the game to magically unfreeze and tell me the mission failed, my survivors are all severely wounded, I did not collect any loot/XP, and it'll be 3 1/2 hours before they get back... despite the fact that I accomplished nothing whatsoever.
This has happened 4 times now in the last 4 days. 3 times on the same OS, Browser, and Laptop, and once on a TOTALLY different OS, browser and computer.. on a different network. I am fairly certain this issue has little to nothing to do with my laptop, etc.

The other issue.. which is much less annoying, but existent nevertheless, is that of random floating infected.
This is happening with Unique elites in particular in my experience... they occasionally spawn during higher-level looting missions, start chasing me, and halfway through my working to down them, they just freeze in midair. It looks like they're floating. I can attack them but they cease to attack me, even if I move my survivors right next to them.. it's like they're broken. 

With all of that being said, the floating infected doesn't bother me half as much as the glitch or set of glitches that is increasingly interfering with my ability to play and enjoy this game. If anyone has any troubleshooting suggestions/other ideas as to why this is happening (seeing as I'm clueless) I would be more than happy to hear them.. 

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