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[ Off Topic ] The Adventure Pals!

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Our good friends over at Massive Monster (Jay, Jimp and Julian), who are three very awesome people, have been hard at work on The Adventure Pals for 3 years. 


I played the game at PAX and it's beautiful. It feels amazing and has some great stuff going on in general (sentient hotdogs).


Please head over and check out their kickstarter, I'll appreciate it and I'm sure they will too.



Scrub McLordington LXIX

Scrub McLordington LXIX
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You had me at the sentient hotdogs.


Checked out their kickstarter, it looks interesting. Sadly i can't back via kickstarter since it doesn't support paypal or any of my local pay options.


I will make sure to get a copy once it's released though, the mobs in this game and the story look like fun.

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Just bumping this up again. The Adventure Pals have a week left on their Kickstarter. There's also a demo out that you can grab for free!