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Inventory Space For The 100th Time

inventory space inventory full items space junk

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Well if you read the posts with any thought you could make it out that i indeed have DMU.

Ive also got 2000 slot inventory upgrade. And no, i do not use organizing book.


This post was started mainly to make a statement that we currently have 500 free slots with over half dedicated to components and other items. Over time, and not even far to the future the inventory will be 90% and eventually 100% of components or other items than weapons or gear. That is an equasion that will ruin the game from very early on with new players and even players who pay for 1000 slot expansion. The simple fact is that this cannot continue without making changes to the current inventory capacity or the way items are stored.


You talk about the organizing book. Yes it can be handy but it does not serve the new players or the people who want to be pve for example and use a White Flag. Forcing you to use up 3 book slots for what is a relatively small space expansion is not fair. And again it does not solve the problem with inventory space being overwhelmed with constant additions of components.



To quote you "So after 10 min of gameplay and sending out 10 auto missions my recycler has to work for 65 min."


Weapons and gear are very easy to get rid of as it is in my opinion. They gave us the incinerator for just this faster recycling and removing of those mission items. When you use incinerator for the items that take the most time to recycle along with recycler for grey/white items you can easily get rid of them almost instantly. Even if you use just your recycler alone its fast. Used properly you can get rid of the less time consuming items in a few clicks and after that you may have to wait 15-30 for the rest of the items and thats not long.


In addition to this, DMU has to be balanced somehow, otherwise it would be too overpowering. And one way they do this, so that the DMU does not become too overpowering is to slow your looting pace down with making you recycle those weapons and gear just like the rest of the players.


If you speed up the process of looting even further it serves only and mainly the DMU users, giving them an unfair edge. It would not have any effect on inventory space in general.



Quote: "if we didn't loot all those things then the recycling problem would be solved. Also - giving the option not to loot junk would allow players to free their slots over time.


Again, the problem is not specificly with recycling. It is not weapons and gear that cloggs up your inventory its the other junk and components.

The problem lies with inventory space being filled with vast number of different components and the continuing flow of new components and research items etc.

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There must be some sort of adjustment to the existing "free" inventory space, otherwise the inventory will be 500/500 of components before long.


One solution would be to make components, research items and junk go to another storage unit separate from the actual inventory space or just somehow make them not count towards the inventory space.

I agree with this, as I am someone with hoarding instincts, i find it hard to throw away items but still do it due to inventory space restrictions. 


My suggested solutions(these solutions are made without knowledge on server space, pay, or other such things)are:

1. Make at least components not part of the inventory space. As of right now, my components tab has 120+ unique items in it and those eat up more than 1/5 of total inventory space. I cant just throw it away since its needed for research, upgrading and crafting. Junk, weapons, gear, research, books, clothes, boxes, and medical things however, can remain included in the 500 limit, since those are of varying importance and are manageable in size.

2. If you will make an inventory book a solution, then at least add 1 additional book slot for a total of 5. Since it takes 3 books total to be able to use 2 books of the same kind (with inventory, white flag and the other joiner book), then at least make some more book slots. I myself equip a ucs 50, since dmu upgrade will cost me dearly since i am a student. Its not that i don't want to pay(I have money, just not so much i can insta buy dmu. And conversion rates from peso to dollar is too much--------47 peso to 1 dollar), its because i cannot, with all the cards and accounts you need to make. With that, there is a total of 4 slots, then what about my anatomy101, ammo conservation, oohshiny, looter or such?

3. I agree with removing lvl 20 below dormant for more than 2 month players to save space. As for those above 20, i suggest a time limit of at least a year, since those non-dmu high level players also made some effort to level up and search for guns and such. When real life problems and complexities show up, its inevitable that they will not and cannot play. Imagine how they would react if they come back only to see their account gone?


Personally, its fine for con and the team to put new items like clothing, event things, and weapons. I dont mean to offend, but isn't it logical to think about space before pumping new things? People who play while being collectors or hoarders will surely feel the pain of throwing away part of their things that they spent effort, money, or time to collect. I think even with the inventory book, it will stil eventually fill up too. I know server space is limited, and not everyone pay to play, but i hope for the understanding that people who don't pay also put in their time in order to rise up the levels and gear. Im not saying that you make the 500 inventory to 600 or something for free, since that is completely impractical and not a good option. Thanks and pardon for any wording that may seem offensive.

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I HAVE to agree with this post.

Every update kills a bit of my inventory space, especially the release of crafting kits, they are a pain in the ass to even try to get rid of, not to mention u get more of them every auto/manual/island you run.

Therefore, a separate inventory would be a very satisfactory alternative, although Con might not be able to do this since:

1. LOTS of patching and work will be put into it.

2. This implement would basically make the act of making inventory upgrade obtainable only by cash pointless.

But if there was any chance Con could make some possibility of us dumping all the event components at once, instead of overworking our recycler/incinerators,

it would surely be something that would solve the problem immediately.

p.s. LLiquid it'd be nice if you stopped making yourself special, as if 350/500 is something that epic.

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Can you guys read few posts back and give your opinions on the item fusion suggestion?


You can find the CommSMGs original idea and Zings thoughts on it above this one:





The best idea so far seems to be some combination of those and it would benefit us if we tried to take that idea further.



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i guess at the end of the day. if it doesnt help 'someone' get a bigger yacht we'll simply get ignored. 

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Similar posts have been here so many times that its not suprising if the dev team is tired of the inventory subject.


However something needs to be done soon as the component amount keeps on climbing up closer to overtaking all free inventory space.



Would be interesting to hear their thoughts on the item fusion and stacking.


If they wont make something happen to those items, then they should give us a proper use for that 850 000 plastic.

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The recycler's time is 1 second per item recycled and 5 seconds for every component produced by it.


Formula: (amount of items recycled) x 1 second + (amount of components produced) x 5 seconds = recycling load time.


As you go through the levels, the items you find keep having more components such as machined parts or heavy metal, or heavy fab, thus dragging down recycler performance.


I'd also suggest making items have less components from recycling and/or changing the formula to have maybe 2-3s for components produced.

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Black Dougal

Black Dougal
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You could make the recycle time some multiple of the log(present formula). That way a lower level character would require pretty close to the same time, but a higher level character could recycle a larger collection of junk in about the same time. So, as long as they were willing to do it in 10 minute batches, they could get rid of it.

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