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Crash, Freeze And Disconnect

Technical Support Disconnect Freeze Crash random

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Regarts Mr Con, Team of the last stand. First, apologize me for my bad english, i am latinoamerican and i am still learning the language


Yesterday i was playing the game as usual, i bought protection the day before for a compromise with my family. I come back to home and under the protection i was reorganizing my compound, moving the wires and spikes; and when i move one of the spikes to another location, the game freeze, it don't allow me to put the spike where i want; it shows the blue squares of every object of the compound withouth let me move anything or enter to my inventory, the bounty office, the market. etc. The game was freezed and start a random disconnect every time i try to play again after that event


On the next day nothing happens and i believe the problem was solved but no, it happen again for move a small barrier. when i reorganize my compound i see a little lag on putting the object on a new location and starts the random disconnect again


I don't know if this is a problem too, but sometimes the game gets slow to start, don't load for a while or a very long time, obliterating me to wait or shut down and open it again
Sorry if a bother you, but help me with this. I can't show screenshots for now, sorry

I play the game in Dominican Republic
My internet is of the Claro Services, with 1 megabyte per second
I play in a laptop ASUS with a AMD A10 and Radeon Graphics and on Fire Fox 

My game user ID: fb100001935454829

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