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Elites In A Nutshell

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went to do something else for a few seconds, come back to find an elite stunlocking my melee fighters, so i healed them and engaged in a 2 minute fight before watching my guys get killed one by one, my recon managed to hold out long enough to finish the elite off


at this rate we'll need a bloody tank to kill one of these guys


EDIT: other zombies came and distracted my melee fighters who then got a few hits and for the rest of the fight both of my melee guys were super low health

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Hi im maxx i play though armor games and i kind of feel that elites are overpowered. im level 32 and my survivors all do a little bit over 100 DPS each. i went to raid a level 35 military base and a elite big biker guy caring a club of sorts. My fighter had no chance, I LITERALLY STARTED RUNNING HER IN CIRCLES TO STOP THE ELITE FROM KILLING HER. My options maybe to make elites a little more on the DPS side and a little less on the bullet sponge side, or maybe they have special ability like every 5 hits they throw they stun everybody within a radius. yeah i think they need to be tweaked but just not to "oh there a bigger zombie MORE BULLETS" more like they have a strategy to handling them. i know im probably not the most experienced or most qualified to judge them but i feel if there going to be called "elite" and have a heath marker above them unlike other zombies they should FEEL special and "elite". so con if you feel like hearing a few good ideas hear me out


Exploding zombie

-increased heath

-on death a timer for an engineer to disarm a bomb in the zombie or the radius around him will explode like a trap


spawner  zombie 

-For every increment of time this zombie spawns smaller zombies like out of its stomach (but nothing obscene on the animations) 


acid zombie

-this zombie at a short range or a melee like usual will (with a successful hit) cover the victim in acid and moves at a slower rate and cant do any action (scavange or heal)  


these are just 3 to start off (maybe) but im just tryng to give some suggestions, i feel zombie PvE is a little stale and its literally just everything else is ok and when a rush comes just find a place to wait it out. This is just to very up game-play every once in a while ya know. 



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I know somethings wrong when a level 50 rare infected takes out my fighter.



yeah sure, there was a rush as well, but the damn elite just kept standing so far away my melee guys couldn't do jack, but i had to keep my melee guys there to block the other infected from swarming my ranged guys


This is simply getting to the point its not fun, and i refuse to open the boxes anymore. 3 fuel and useless ears that i already have 20 of simply aren't enough to cover the bandages needed to heal my guys and loot i could have gotten otherwise, had i not had to wait 2-3 minutes killing the elites

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