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Friend And Visit Chat Buttons

Chat Players Compounds

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Andre F S R

Andre F S R
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Hi, I´ve seen many people posting many stuff in the forums and even in the chats that they can´t do the friend requests in armor games (Cuz we don´t have friends there that only exists in facebook), and sometimes people ask help on the chats on theyr buildings.


So my idea is very simple and consists in:


-Adding a Visit Compound button to a player wen we click him in the chat.


-Adding a ´´Game Friends list´´, wen we add a player as our friend he would be added to the contacts and we could do the achivements that many people can´t do.


Give me you´re feedback Bellow :D!


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Luke Ridiculous

Luke Ridiculous
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Hi andre :D

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Ghost Recon

Ghost Recon
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this sounds like a good idea +1

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passing player

passing player
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the view compound can help recruiters to see if someone is good alliance material.


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