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Purchased Lvl-03 Herc Card With 150 Fuel

herc card fuel supply box

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I received a supply box from a Northwood East mission to a warehouse (lvl 18).  The supply box could only be opened with a lvl-03 herc card, which I purchased for 150 fuel.  When I acquired the key and attempted to open the box, I got a message stating that the box couldn't be opened at that time.  This has happened before with a bounty box, so I figured I'd still have the purchased card and box in my inventory.  I checked my inventory and there is no card, no supply box that can only be opened by the lvl-03 card, and no new items (that could have been acquired by opening the supply box).  I spent 150 fuel on this card for nothing.  I'd like a refund of the fuel, or another supply box with lvl 3 card. 

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I can see the box in question, you got a Book out of it. When that error occurs, it still adds the item to your inventory. Unfortunately it doesn't highlight the item you receive as "new". 


Double check your books, you'll find a new one in there.

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