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Knockback Resistance

knockback gear ideas clothing gameplay

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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I have been thinking about this new effect for gear for some time now before suggesting it here, so please let me know what you think of it :)


In simple terms, knockback resistance would allow a survivor to whitstand more attacks without having that infuriating effect of having to stop reloading/scavenging/healing/attacking.


Obviously, the best application for this would be melee survivors; during a rush, melee survivors may easily become overwhelmed and unable to fight back due to the number of attacks they are receiving, which is more pronounced when using low APS weapons (like most high-level melee weapons). Also, if a survivor with a firearms comes face to face with a rushing horde of zeds, and the magazine empties, it might be nearly impossible to reload in some cases (such as one-man or two-man missions).

A high knockback.resistance gear or clothing may help with these scenarios, buying some time for the survivor to fight back or finish whatever he was doing.

I'm still unsure if this would be of any significant use during PVP (since the effect would apply to both melee and projectile damage), but so far I've had to confront a few HERC within shotgun range in the Island, and the effects of knockback can be quite large, at least in my opinion. Even more, we could make it so that it works at some degree with explosives too, giving them a chance to not be thrown to the floor when a trap or grenade goes off on them.


So, what do you guys think? Is this something that would be useful for you?




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passing player

passing player
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(remembers survivors unable to run from elites due to knock back)

This is a great idea, especially for those that cannot defeat the unique elites.

+1 from me

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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Thank you :) if this is implemented it might even help on the Terror Dome

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Knockback gear would be interesting.  Its a stat that's fairly important in the game, but often underappreciated.  I think it may be a bit late to start messing with it, but it could yield interesting results.

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