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Graphic Glitch

glitch bug chrome firefox graphics

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Hi Everyone.


Apologies if this has been already posted in the forums.


I'm having some issues with the game, I've been using firefox as my main browser when I play the game, in my previous desktop comp. However, by the time I've acquired a new laptop this happened:




So I've switched to chrome and the problem does not happen:

I'm using Win10 64bit,vidcard is geforce940M.
P.S. I prefer firefox for playing the game because I can still use the mouse wheel even in window mode.
So if anyone knows what is the cause for this, I really appreciate the help.

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Chrome and Firefox use different versions of Flash. Is your Flash in FF up to date?


Also check the options under video for the Rendering Mode, it should be hardware accelerated. Trying toggling some of the settings too, they may give you different results. 


Lastly, make sure you install the latest drivers for the video card. 


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Hi Con,


Thanks for the response.


I've followed your advise, and check the ff:


1. drivers for the vidcard = up-to-date

2. hardware rendering = enabled

3. version of FF = up-to-date

4. version of flash = up-to-date

5. combination of the options in the settings (adjusting and ticking on/off the different settings in video and general tab, = still produce the same graphic problem.




I've also tested the game in ms edge, and it does not have the same problem when I'm using FF.

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Talking with the guys, it could be a couple of things. 


- You could have corrupted models

- You could have corrupted animation data


The fact that they're working in the other browsers leads me to think that something happened when FF downloaded them.


So, I'd say try clearing your browser cache in FF and force the game to redownload those model and animation files. Uncheck everything except for Cache - that'll be enough. 


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Im also having extremely revolting glitches, after about ten minutes in the game especially on missions, it lags really bad and eventually freezes and ive got to close the game and reload it, this has been happening pretty much since i first started playing the game a year or two ago... ive updated everything and done everything the forums have mentioned. I've played the game on different computers and different browsers and it all ends the same, even on the facebook games arcade. I've read up on several forums about this lag glitch and the game creators have even admitted that there is a problem and theyre constantly trying to fix it... but after this anmount of time its clear to me that they cant be bothered fixing this issue... Which is very very frustrating given the copius amounts of money we've all obviously spent on in game purchases... What happens next? Do we get all our purchase history and receipts off facebook and seek legal action to have all funds returned to us, lets face it, no one likes to pay for games that they simply cant play!

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Me too, I have this same exact issue.


It's ok in Firefox and Chrome, but character graphics are corrupted in Seamonkey. All drivers and Flash Versions up to date.


I've tried clearing my Seamonkey cache, but it has not had any effect?


Is there any other way to force character graphics and animation to clear / reload?

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