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Reasons To Refresh During Pve

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1. pathfinder f-up so your scav or medic dies

2. uni riot elite. 99.5% proj res is not working out for me


3. elite+rush at the same  time

4. get stuck on leaving... for like forever

5. finds a uni crossbow

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passing player

passing player
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wait, does Island count as PVE?

if it does, another time to refresh is when you have 20 secs left and cant get to exit w/o dead survivors.

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Are elites that bad? I faced one a week or two ago, wasn't hard at all. My fighter(melee) took a total of 75 dmg as all my gun men just fired crits after crits...

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Nearly all of the above reasons were precisely why return times were put in in the first place...


People were hitting refresh on missions when they felt they didn't get enough good loot / were about to die / messed up in order to avoid the penalties. This was particularly a problem in the alliance wars.


The only one that isn't is:


4. get stuck on leaving... for like forever


Having never encountered that myself, the only thing i can say is that you should keep your loot in that case, seems logical to me...

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I think Zing is right on this one.  Its a bold move to make a post explaining how often one games the system as a player.


At least next time there is a post about losing goods on a disconnected mission, someone can simply link this post.  "This.  This is why we can't have our nice things."


(Of course point 4 is legit, happens, and is a bummer.  And were it not for the other points, simply awarding the loot would be the best option in such situations.)


(Also, Apple, get your guns behind the elite.  Takes forever to kill em if you're not using the advantage of critical hits.)

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