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Hacker In Alliance War

hacker alliance war raiding

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This is Vespasia.


I recently had a person raid me during the Alliance War, but the raid report was so unbelievable that I think the only way he did it was by hacking. Feel free to look at the raid report posted Facebook; link will be provided after this paragraph. I'll also give you a brief summary of why I believe he is hacking.


Raid report link:   https://www.facebook...48688376&type=3


I was raided by 1 person: ZOMBIESATME. He had 1 recon, with a 27 range M24, and a police vest that gave him HP boost (around 29% or something like that). No grenades, no glasses, no other raiders.


Somehow, he was able to do ALL of the following in exactly 178 seconds:


-Rush through my survivors, all 10 of them, armed with superior/elite FALs and glasses. My survivors usually had 28-29 range, so his range shouldn't have been enough. My survivors were grouped (they weren't lone wolves), so there's no way he could suppress them with a single M24 with lower range.


-Destroy most of my compound defenses, including all 3 watchtowers that were fully upgraded, level 8 compound doors, level 6 barricades, etc. He had no grenades and no melee. Note that my compound had 33+ range at the time, and was surrounded by most of my survivors.


-TRIGGER 10 traps whose exits were blocked by barricades. How do you trigger 10 traps (most of them level II and level III) with a recon and not die? He didn't disarm them; he triggered them. And remember, he did this while gunning down a full compound with superior/elite FALs; how did he get the HP to do all this without a medic? I know recons can run through traps, but the problem is that my traps were also blocked on entrances with wire traps - he should have at least triggered them when he went through the entrances. He disarmed them after he triggered traps on 2 separate compound exits, but i don't see him triggering the wire traps that he had to have gone through.


-As he did all this, he also was able to somehow find the time to raid my stuff (7 buildings), and also take my alliance flag, which usually takes 20-30 seconds. If you look at the alliance report, he was able to raid my ammo storage when time was at 109 seconds, and then raid my alliance when time was at 116 seconds - in other words, his recon somehow raided my alliance flag in 7 seconds. A recond. Not a scavenger. And he had no scavenging speed boost; only a police vest with HP boost.


I just can't see any way to do all of this with a single recon with no melee or grenades or range boosting items or even scavenging gear (for that ridiculously fast alliance flag steal), all in less than 180 seconds. 


Can someone investigate whether he's a hacker or not, and if he is, could Con please ban him?




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Con said hes a hacker, right now kinda getting nervous i haven't logged in to dead-zone in 2 days. *sweats nervously* 


zombie plz spare me. 

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Yep, we're looking into it.

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