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Ideas For New Events And Locations And Buildings

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how as an occasional event like the monthly goals etc...an event like the zombie compound assault happens where a squad of herc assaults your compound as they sweep through the city on a sweep and clear mission. maybe it should even happen right after you assault union island.

 maybe you could even have Herc outposts in other parts of the city.


another addition that would be awesome would be more locations, ive mentioned before how id like to see glendale and the other localities from the other last standf games be places you could travel to.


id also like to see more buildings. once the gang has reached mid 20s pretty much all the building have been constructed and all thats left is the occasional upgrade. building your compound is one of the more entertaining aspects of the game and having a more varied selection of construction would be nice.


any chance we could potentially add in more types of locations? churches, schools, libraries, farms, power plants, factories, and the like...more multi stage locations like union island wouldnt hurt either.


maybe as events you could have other factions show up, wandering nomad bikers or truckers. rogue police and military.


how about more levels for the characters instead of a 55 cap?


how about more personal quests? i liked ivan, can we see more of him? how about finding specific items like one of your characters grandfathers watch. or a family photograph, or a specific item like an mp3 player to increase morale....maybe morale could be a little more important as well....


just slinging some ideas here...

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