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The Pve Strategies

PvE missions

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So usually when on a PvE mission the higher levels have a easy time and the lower ones.... well because of there experience and lack of weapons die or dont get all of the resources needed. but dont worry THIS THREAD WILL guarantee YOUR VICTORY OVER ALL HORDES 


step one: equip fighter with a heath OR even better if you have it low levels a melee res vest (has melee resistance) if your using a recon do the same 


step 2: put all other survivors with in shooting range of that specially equipped person with high tanky-ness heath 


step 3: when an amount of zombies come that you cant handle proceed to run that specially equipped person in circles AROUND THE ZOMBIES 



Note: if you proceed to try and go through them your survivor(s) imminent incapacity waits them.


HAVE FUN.......




im talking about the big blocks they sell at the grocery store, no wait this is even more cheese  

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passing player

passing player
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also try to make Zs back face gun survivors because it leads to 100% critical hits, more damage.

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