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Crafting Fuel

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Cyrus Blade

Cyrus Blade
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So, I have been playing Dead Zone for a loooooooooooooooong time, but I find it really annoying that fuel is needed. You shouldn't need to pay fuel to tie 2 pocket knives to a stick, or to fashion a lump of wood!


So,I hope that in a further update the need for fuel to craft will be completely removed. 


P.S There are, like, ten thousand other people who agree with me.



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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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Indeed, there are a lot of people that would love this. It also has been suggested a lot of times, but it's always shot down for a reason.

The fuel cost exist to prevent too many overpowered crafts and exploits. If you could craft for free, anybody could have max crafts easily, since components are very easy to find, and the market would be flooded with those super items. It's the same reason why trading cost fuel:




If something isn't worth the fuel to craft it, then just let it pass and wait until something better shows up.

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