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Change Bounty Requirements.

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Bounties are still sometimes stupidly hard.  I just ran three missions in Green Plains and found one bruiser.  Do you guys have a number of missions in mind for infected bounties?  9?  12?  20?  50?  Forever? 

The way the game runs now it is just annoying and petty at times.  It's as the programming simply eliminates the required zeds for a certain number of missions.  I can tell you I start watching and counting rare infected when I don't have bounties; I get masses of scientists, bruisers, herc. etc.  Even as I try in vain for bruisers, I noticed that the HERC count is over 50.  Why?  When I need HERC I get one per mission!

If this is designed this way, it is extremely annoying.  It's taking the piss.  If you think the bounties are still too easy, then change the rewards or change the numbers required but don't mess with frequencies just to screw us. 

Of course, this might be a bias on my part; I only notice and complain about what I am missing, but I know that there are many players who have given up on bounties because they are often incredibly long and annoying and give HOODIES!!!

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