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Raiding Ai Compounds Suggestion

raid compound

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Hi all, ive decided to start this topic because is on my mind for some time and reading again roadmap 2016 ( http://deadzonegame....oadmap-2016.jpg) made me want to do it.


The thing i want to talk is about "raiding ai compounds". what con already wrote in roadmap is already good enought at it is the only changes i would do are:


-1) Instead of replacing existing compounds in the map, utilize the "raiding practice icon" making it into a menu with a list. in it u would find your compound in first up position or appropriate button, and other names based on difficulty, and similar to "quest menu" (with better graphic), once u complete one the next unlock or appear with increased difficulty. once completed they dont disappear so u can redo one lv any number of time u want. The only restriction i would apply would be the same as doing missions in exp reduction; that would help players training in tipe of defences they have problem facing.


-2)  Loot resources would be beneficial in finding rare resources like water or ammo for all kind of players. For the quantity id use buildings level requirements since they r already present in the game. the number of storages or drop offs increase as difficulty do or at determinate difficulty lv.


-3) To make it more interesting for all the players it would be nice if a fuel generator will be there (not at all levels only at some degree of difficulty)

The amount of fuel inside rise as the difficulty (upgrade lv requirement would be nice), but since i dont think u make 50 lvs its impossible. My suggestion is increasing the fuel inside by a determinated amount each lv, if u make 10 lvs it would be 3 each (calculation is from NOT researched generator) and since u dont want to give too much fuel away free i would add a "generating"  period like we have on ours generators (if im not mistaken 1 fuel every 80-90 min) to make it more similar at an user compound.


Thats all for now ill hope my suggestion help. Thank you and keep the great work


Edit 2: add of point 3

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