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Possible Terror Dome Buffs

Terror Dome help

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Here I want to list all those effects, which (might) help to get more points in the Terror Dome, for those, who want to be the best. Feel free to add any buffs I have missed. ??? means I am uncertain about the effect.

Please note that I haven't opened many premium boxes, or boxes with useful effects at all, so there might be more buffs in them. I did not list Research effects here.



1. Alliance buffs:


Survivor (+ Health and Morale for survivors)

Survival (+ Health for survivors)

Combat (+ Damage vs. infected)

Bonus (+ Damage vs. infected)



2. Books:


Anatomy (+ Damage vs. infected)

Raising Spirits (+ Morale)

Survivor Psychology (+ Morale)

Vague Search (Reduces all action times) ???

Quick Search (Reduces all action times) ???

Melee Effort (+ melee damage for survivors)



3. Boxes


+ Health for survivors

+ Damage vs infected








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