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Terror Dome

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Alright, first off, TD is fun to play, and the rewards can be awesome.

BUT, sometimes the absurd rewards really make my eyes pop out of their sockets.

I've gotten practitioner pants, bandit masks, and more worthless stuff from them, not to mention rares that ANYONE would toss in the bin at first sight.

160 fuel for 1 worthless clothing, 1 medical item, and some other random thing that isn't even worth trading for really isn't what this is about.


*P.S. it clearly states on the gold box that it contains 3 random high value stuffs ( and yes i get gold every single time ), but c'mon! medical items? the clothing and rares i can understand, but TD ain't IB or island, which are  both free, so I'm suggesting a fix on the rewards or something, because this is seriously messed up.





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Ghost Recon

Ghost Recon
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When I won a Gold Box I got a Unique TMP pistol that  I Recycled, x5 grade 4 splints and a 1% Bandit mask. The rewards need more balances even for gold boxes. That is why I might not enter Terror dome unless the rewards are balanced for each boxes or the entry fee is lowered

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Yeah, you should be able to get rewards better than the island, but I find the island rewards to often be better, as anything you get, regardless of how useful it is, is completely free.



I think making the gold box drop 4 items instead of 3 would be a step in the right direction, as well as removing rares and some other kinda meh things from the gold boxes.

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passing player

passing player
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160 fuel entry, gives medicre items according to the general populace


free entry, gives almost guarantee uni for most people that is considered OK by the general populace


I think we can see the problems here.

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