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Lost Loot In Loading Screen

Lost loot Weapong Exp Loading Screen

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I refresh the page while returning succefuly from a weapon research and get an Unique called Satan's Rage, but when I came back to my HQ because an loading error of the game I came back with nothing! No loot, exp, my survivors well, but i didn't get anything so I need a answer why this happen and lost my loot in this why now 2 times.

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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Sorry, I didn't understand the sequence of events. Please correct me if I'm wrong:


1) You finished your mission (went to the green zone with at least one survivor and clicked "Return home")

2) You successfully returned to the compound (you could see your buildings and everything)

3) The game crashed shortly thereafter

4) You reloaded the page

5) The items were gone


In that case it might be a legitimate bug, but not if:


1) The game crashed and/or you reloaded the game before you could see your compound and the mission report; in that case your game was interrupted before any items were saved to your inventory (this is intentional behavior to prevent exploits).

2) None of your survivors were in the green zone when you finished the mission (you must have at least one survivor there)


If it's number 1, I can say that it happens to me like this: when returning from a mission, sometimes it takes a little longer and the game freezes for a few seconds; I play on Firefox, and a message appears that the plugin has stopped responding, but if I just wait a little the game responds and everything is normal. If that happened to you, then just don't reload the page and wait a little.

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