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Ideas For The Map Zones And Compound

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Ideas for the map zones, buildings, public spaces, roads and so on:




-Recycling center

-Auto Shop

-Parking Lot (with/without a quarantine zone in it)



-Airport strip/hangar maybe, for a future level 55-60 zone which includes the terminal, 2 strips and two hangars or so.



You should really change the ad posters inside, they are quite old, or add new ones. Just saying .-.




Complete revamp of the compound model, how it looks, and that it should be a ruined house/building that you need to rebuild/use plaster/find bricks and so on. At first you can fill the parts with wood, metal or cloth to keep the wind out and so on/ Then you can start to repair the broken walls, fix the gaps and have a nice building/house (please not that warehouse) in which survivors would live in. There should be plenty of houses/ small apartments and so on. So it would be a bit more realistic. We can keep the ammount of barricades, storages, all in all space for the compound and such, I'm just saying that we should upgrade from a place like that to a house or a 1 story building which we have to rebuild/do. That would be something. The survivors will have more quests for you and so on for this, and it will take longer for the compound to be done.


Also, automated defenses, this should be a thing. Imagine walking by, getting ready to raid when an automated defense spots you near it and kill you. It doesn't need to be op, but it would be a good thing and if herc mastered it, so can you( level 40 and up). This will give a bigger challenge, same wih the compound having to rebuild it c: That would honestly be a really cool idea.



Thanks for reading this Con or anyone else ! Or maybe more storyline also.

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passing player

passing player
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I dont think Con will implement the School for certain reasons.

the other ideas had been suggested before. I think adding a "safe zone" area into the list may be a good idea, lots of undead and military/police containers.

automatic defenses, unless something like the wheel of death, probably is not gonna be implemented. too much science for DZ.

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Luke Ridiculous

Luke Ridiculous
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this idea is kinda incomplete imo

P.S. you didn't say what would they looked like inside(give descriptions on how would they look like and their variants)

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