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Training Survivors To Their Specializations

survivors training center

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Luke Ridiculous

Luke Ridiculous
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let's cut to the chase:survivors having extra stats permanently from their training at the Training Center(add-ons on their base stats)

I realized that there's only ONE function of the training center once I've built one and when I browsed on the forums,no one ever mentioned this at all,so I got an idea,how abut we give the training center another function by making the training center a TRAINING center for survivors to train,practice and refine their specializations

Here's the list of every class' specializations:
Leader:the player assigns it
Fighter:Melee,Ranged and Improvised Combat,Tanking(health)
Recon:Ranged Combat,Trap Spotting,Movement
Engineer:Melee and Improvised Combat,Trap Disarming
Scavenger:Melee Combat and Scavenging

now there will be 5 stages of training,each rewards 2 skill points to the survivor and it'll go on their specialization

the completion of each stage requires time...lots of it and here's the formula I propose on how to tell how long it's gonna be on each stage:
                          A=amount of time needed to complete each stage
                          T=retrain time of your training center
                          n=stage number

-must be level 30 first
-you must have at least a level 1 training center

-10 fuel for each stage

-your survivor you chose to train must be resting

note:(just for this not to be abused)IF you retrain your survivor,it'll lose ALL of it's bonus stats

if you have any questions about the topic,post them and i'll answer them all

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why bother making a post when you're not finished?


Why not just make the post the next day?


Anyways, I'll give my feedback when you finish the post.

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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I'm guessing it's about adding stats to survivors that have been converted from one class to another (like a fighter turned scavenger that retains some ranged combat boost, etc)


Also, I second that: why posting incomplete ideas? Just make the whole post when you're ready.

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Basically using the training center to further refine class specifications (maybe some skill tree-esque bonuses?) instead of just leader retraining or class swapping is what I'm getting at.


And yes, please think ideas through and type a complete post before posting (both the idea and some details).

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