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Ho$ - Best Alliance For Novice Raiders

HO$ alliance novice raid TOP3

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(Sorry for the bad english,im learning)Im Solek and just created a account to be clear with my words on the images above. First : I said "FxU is burning like demons?" I didn't want to sound offensive,sorry for that FxU members,I just were like "What? They got 500wp in 10 minutes how is that possible?" And second,about the hellraella comment,i was really angry that moment,Iael u trashed my whole compound 3 Times,and I just dont waste fuel putting bounty so i asked for someone to raid you,i was a bit offensive with the "Idiot" adjective,but i was really mad because i dont trash people for no reason,and I hate trashers too.

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HO$ is shutted down for secret reason. FxU start the trashing war and win the trashing game. Megaman's spy ALT left HO$. HO$ play time is over. TOP3 will be not so competitive. lael and other FxU members, let's put down all conflict. I can even help FxU raiding if FxU give me enough respect and right to rule FxU. I will share the hidden math of PvP to help all players if Con don't show. Con, is that OK? I have less time to play but I will continuous help some alliances of alliance war and try to be the greatest raider enjoying PvP of DZ.

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Please do not blame FxU for Ho$'s failure as a viable alliance.  You gave up and went to raid with SON, xingkai as did chan...To be a viable alliance takes time, patience and teamwork.  Enjoy your time in dz city hall another SON satellite alliance.  Moreover, your alliance's in game chat to fxu as well as here is and was inflamatory.  No need to thank me for predicting that you would not become a competitive alliance on your own because H0$ and other alliances rely way too much on SON helping them place without ever developing their own team  identity.  

I did not gave up HO$ and never went to SON on my own, we send a team to SON when HO$ didn't raid for TOP3. HO$ shut down for another reason, I just tell u the war result and make u happy. At least HO$ was boost for a while in my control. I'm not Chan and please don't treat DZ city hall(zst) as HO$. zst or maybe another alliance will a good alliance with my and my friends' management rather than SON satellite alliance. 

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