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Closed Beta - Field Manual [ Preview ]

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At the moment, we've got matches timing out at 15 mins with a 5 min warning before that. Most matches take around 7 mins.


It's possible to draw a battle if both sides deplete all of their units and supports and have the same outpost health. We haven't seen it yet, but can happen. 


As for it being a more polished version of Warfare 1917, yep. Wanted to make sure it felt more like that game than 1944. But there's soooooo much more depth to it. Simple on the surface and really complex underneath.

I managed to get two Draws... One of which was about to be a draw, but my new dog decided it be a good idea to play "plug the cord" at the 30 second mark... so i actually only have one if i remember correctly, though... my game crashed a few minutes ago and a message popped up telling me to send the crash folder to the creator, which i'm assuming is you... though i have no idea how to actually contact you, and  i can't find the correct forum for this type of thing... so... some help would be greatly appreciated! xD

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Как часто в последствии будут выдаваться ключи?
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