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Warfare Online Beta - V0.05 Changelog

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Major Fixes
- Support: Fixed an issue where Countermeasure cards (eg. HELM-D) were triggering incorrectly. These cards now only trigger when played, as intended.      
- Adjustments to the AT-Team firing anims that should stop them putting their launchers away while still targeting vehicles
- Explosive damage from AT-Team launchers is no longer affected by ballistic weapon unlocks
- Units: Snipers base range decreased slightly
- Units: MG Team health increased
- Units: Riflemen health decreased
- Units: Cooldown between bursts lowered for most remote weapon systems (CROWS)
- Unlocks: Range unlocks now have additional negatives, aim time or supply time
- Unlocks: Reinstated bursts for M14 to stop constant firing that was occuring
- Support: "Defensive Order" restricted to infantry only
- Support: Renamed "AT Aerial Mines" to "AT Mines"
- Support: Renamed "AP Aerial Mines" to "AP Mines"
- Support: "Rapid Response Priority" This card now consumes a reinforcement as intended
- Support: "Response Force" This card now deploys the correct number of Rifleman units
- Support: "Armor Column", "Emergency Response Vehicle" These cards now correctly count enemy units on the field
- Support: "Priority Target" This card now works as intended (applies both Draw Fire and Targeted status effects)
- Operation: "Outpost Storage" Fixed an issue where the outpost health was not being modified 
- Operation: "Improved Ordnance" added ballistic damage penalty
- Operation: "Ballistics Manufacture" added explosive damage penalty