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Warfare Online Beta - V0.06 Changelog

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New Features
 + 'Mass Salvager' feature: You can now salvage all excess Unit, Support and Operations Assets for munitions in one batch
   To access the Salvager, enter Crafting mode from the Collections screen and click the "Salvager" button
 - Fixed an issue where some squads would fail to deploy when certain skins were equipped
 - Fixed a rare issue that would sometimes cause a match not to start after entering the Discard Assets screen
 - Support: "Rapid Response Priority" Fixed an issue where this card would not deploy the selected unit
 - Support: "Unbreakable" This card now correctly applies invulnerbility to all friendly deployed Riflemen units for 15 seconds, as intended
 - Support: "AT Mines" reduced damage heavily
 - Support: "Hunker Down" now only works on infantry
 - Support: "ECCM" Fixed an issue where this asset could be played multiple times. A message is now displayed to the opponent informing them that their Countermeasure cards have been destroyed.
 - Support: "Support Preparation" This card will next make the next drawn card cost 0 supply, unless that card is a Support Unit
 - Unlocks: RUS Assault, USA Assault: "Pointman Training": This unlock now correctly applies the damage resistance buff to nearby friendly units
 - Unlocks: RUS BTR-90: "Command Training": This unlock now correctly applies the damage bonus to nearby friendly units
 - Unlocks: USA M1114: "Command Training": This unlock now applies a damage bonus to nearby friendly units
 - Equipment: Grenades have decreased chance to cause critical hits
 - Equipment: Unit grenade launchers (M320 / GP-25) now use AP rounds
 - Increased hit-box size on all cover pieces (they should be much easier to select now)
 + Units are now visible when moving behind large obstructions (such as the Outposts and bridge supports)
 + Added a new rollover highlight effect for all units
 + Card detail screen now displays card quality name
 + Cards can now be searched by quality name
 + A confirmation dialog is now displayed when you attempt to Concede a match
 - Fixed an issue where the details of a deleted platoon were still displayed in the overview panel on the Platoon Select screen
 - Various graphics updates, fixes and tweaks
 - Fixed an issue where some weapon sounds were playing at incorrect volumes and not respecting your volume settings


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The AP rounds are turning ordinary rifle teams into AT teams except with 2.5 more people and slightly less AT ability.


Anytime I see an enemy with nade launcher equipped riflemen, I know my vehicles are just going to die. lights are almost instant, LAV/BTR get taken quick, MBT armor is a joke to 203s and GP25s.


I'll use this to my advantage for now, but vehicles seem weak in comparison.

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