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Help Translate Tls: Dz Into Spanish.

TLS:DZ traslate help spanish spain

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Hello, I am Alex and I am currently living in Spain, I would like to know if I could translate the game TLS: DZ to Spanish, many of the Spanish speakers do not know English or are simply not good in English, I would like to translate the game or help if you give me your permission and tools to achieve it. If you give me the opportunity I would work hard to translate it and help the speakers of my language who do not enjoy the game just because they do not understand English. Thanks for reading and happy holidays! :D.

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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It would be a very nice feature,and it has been suggested a number of times before:







The main reason why this hasn't been implemented is the need to offer support in other languages, as Con has said:



Con, on 26 Jun 2013 - 21:42, said:snapback.png

While we have plans to do this, our biggest issue is offering support in those languages. 


By translating the game, we're effectively saying "hey, we speak your language and can support you" - this is something we don't have the capacity to deal with at the moment. 


What I'm getting at is it probably won't happen any time soon.


But the possibility still exist, though. Meanwhile, Warfare Online might have it sooner:


We are looking at localizing Warfare in future. Despite what the guys said above. Both support is easier and content isn't going to be on such a short cycle as Dead Zone. 


Support for Warfare is a lot less complicated for a number of reasons. 


- Payment support isn't handled by us, Valve will take care of that. 

- Technical support should be less of an issue due to a more stable engine / environment.

- Account issues are going to be less prominent.


With that said, Polish isn't currently on our list of languages to localize to. We appreciate the offer and might follow up in future. We will most likely be using games based localization services where possible though. 


In the meantime, people who don't speak english will still have to use Google Translator or asking in the chat.

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