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Tasker Update - Alliance War [ Preview ]

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They shouldn't be harder, all the points were scaled linearly. 


What's making it harder in you opinion?

Raid point and lvl2/3 war box is 4 times as the past. Defense point is 5 times. lvl1 war box is 6 times. Thus there is nothing changed for whole day raiding player. Daily ALT is a BIT easier to get lvl3 box because of defense point, they will believe this update is good and continuously play. Novice raider and inactive ALT will be much harder to get lvl1 box. This disappiont about 120 raiders in 20 alliances, they will maybe refuse to pay again if they can't get lvl1 box after they pay a little.


This is what I help lael explain and speak for my baby raiders.

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