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Purchasable/craftable/attachable Counters

infected counter weapons kill counter

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Simple request/idea here, the ability to either purchase, craft or move infected and survivor kill counters.


I love this little feature in the game but it's a pain when you got a nice crafted gun, a cool premium weapon or just a really nice unique for PvE or PvP and you want to put a counter on it to show off how many people or zeds you've killed but you just can't, meanwhile you find other crappy stuff (even blue/purple guns) with counters that are just now join to be wasted in the recycler...


I really want to ask you con and team to make it possible to craft or move a unused counter for another weapon, it could be obtained by recycling a weapon with a counter attached to it, so the game is not filled with more counters, you could get something from recycling it and use it to craft a brand new counter and use it on another weapon of your choice.


Or just add counters to the market so we can get those with fuel. 


Not sure how much programming and work this would take, but i hope is not too complicated so you can do it, it is one thing i'm sure me and many other players who enjoys raising those counters everyday would love. 

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