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Looter Update: Experience And Opinions Thus Far

LootingDMU Non-Dmu Users War Points Manual Missions Looter Update

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Hello ^_^
It is MihaelKeehl, Oddball Collector and Official Chat Cat of the Dead Zone.

Before I begin, feel free to share your opinions in the thread below, and please understand that I am just stating my opinion- I don't intend to offend or irritate anyone.
Additionally, I understand that I'm not a genius by any means :P My suggestions at the end are not perfect, hence why they are merely suggestions.

I'm a DMU user, and I've decided to try out the new looting feature to earn war points.
With that being said...
I have run tons of manual missions, and I'm only up to about 140 points. And that total included about 30-something points for a single successful raid, so in reality I made something around 110 from looting alone. 
I spent nearly 3 hours looting just to get that amount of points. 
It takes anything between 4-6 minutes per mission (depending on where you loot) to fully scavenge the area...and higher level areas typically take longer due to higher level rushes, and the higher possibility of a unique elite appearing and disrupting the mission. 
The first war reward box requires 600 points (which, for level 50+, is equivalent to about 100 missions, as missions earn you 6 war points each.)
(Apologies in advance if my math is wrong, I have dyscalculia [numerical dyslexia].)
Multiply the average  amount of time per mission by the number of missions required to earn 600 points...
5x100= 500 minutes. In other words, to earn 600 points, you need to play for about 8 consecutive hours. Now, consider how many hours it would take to earn the third tier war reward box... ouch. "Ain't nobody got time fo' that!"

As such, I find it unrealistic to expect that players can even attempt to collect enough war points to earn the first war reward through looting alone currently. A combination of looting and raiding, perhaps, over the entire course of the war... but as a general statement, looting is currently not efficient. It would be more efficient to raid nonstop at this point than it would be to loot and raid, or loot alone.

There are several issues with the concept: 

-1st: many of the players are not people who can be online all day long. I've only noticed about 10 members who are 24/7 users, and kudos to them for having the time to play the game all day- however, realistically, most players are people with jobs, and/or school based responsibilities (like myself). We have the opportunity to log in for maybe 1-2 hours a day, usually in the evenings..

-2nd: there are tons of donation-only alliance members across various alliances that are NOT DMU looters. Meaning...they have to deal with return times in between missions. Even with the book that halves mission times, it takes forever. In other words, it would be logically and mathematically IMPOSSIBLE for them to make enough points throughout the course of the war to earn even the first tier of war reward boxes. They would have to log in and play nonstop for the entire week of the war to get close, and they'd probably have to supplement their efforts with raiding, as well- which also consumes a lot of time.

-3rd:  Right now, the amount of war points earned through looting is so incredibly meager that it is simply not worth it for most users to try earning them. The ratio of war points earned through raiding, and war points earned through looting is incredibly unbalanced- I can either do 7 manual missions spanning almost 3/4 of an hour, or I can raid someone once for the same amount of points or even more. In the long run, the ability to earn points is exponentially different. And MANY users have decided not to participate at all due to the requirement that they remove their White Flag. While I understand that the intent of making that a mandatory requirement was to "level out the playing field", it is pointless when the amount of resources and points reaped is next to nothing. In other words, there's nothing to "level out". They don't make enough points to make a significant difference on the Scoreboard.

So, here is my suggestion: Leave the ratio of points earned through raiding as it is now, but double the amount of points made through looting depending on the level of the area. Instead of the ratio being something akin to 1:6, make it more 1:3. That way, the White Flag removal requirement can impact all alliances fairly, and truly even out the playing field. People who want to earn war rewards are welcome to loot to their heart's desire, and looters who are uncomfortable with taking off their white flag can stick to tasking as usual. 

Opinions, everyone? Additional suggestions or a better modification to my idea?

Thank you ^^

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HERC Command

HERC Command
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First of all, Hi Mihael (x39). Second, as a dmu lite version player(ucs 50), the number of missions I would need to run to get the first box, 100, is practically unattainable so I would need to supplement my points with some raiding. This is just something that would be very hard to balance between dmu and non-dmu players so they might need to change something, such as increasing points per mission but those points drop after like 10 missions, somewhat similar to the rested bonus. I just think that change would help make this update more balanced, but you can never know with things like this that are very hard to balamce.

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There is an opt out, White Flag.  Equip wf and no looting points and 'nor are you involved in the war.  No chance of a reward for the hard work you put in for your alliance either of course but since you're extremely unlikely to make enough points anyway that is a moot point.

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Lana Woo

Lana Woo
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I still believe that if a reward must be given to taskers, it should be tied to the accomplishment of the task (donating resources, finding guns and gear, etc). Then, you can be sure that you are rewarding those who contribute to the alliance in general by earning tokens, while limiting how many points can you get (for example, you could only gain points finding guns if the task is not already done). Let's say you earn 5 points for each 1% of each task done (as an example, I haven't done the math, might be a lot or might be too little); that would mean that a maximum of 2000 points could be earned in that alliance by taskers.

An alternative could be to not base the war boxes directly in the war points, but in another type of points (let's call them "reward points"). Both raiders and taskers would get reward points, but only raiders would get war points which count toward the leaderboard. Of course, this would have the disadvantage that task alliances would not be able to compete in the war, so only individual rewards could be issued to them.

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