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Balance Units And Fixed

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RU and US some units stats and weapon on Units they have is Different like M1A1 tank have Lot Health then T-90 tank and Assault team US have M-27 that increase Range weapon but RU don't have weapon that increase Range weapon. This must Change and Fixed as Follows :

Assault Team

-Add AK-12 on RU Assault team


-replace AK-105 with AK-103 because AK-105 is use 5.45x39mm when AK-103 use 7.62x39mm that is more Damage to balance with SCAR-H that US assault team have.

T-90 tank

-increase Damage to balance with M1A1 Health


-Disruptor Config is counter against Repair Drop and Field Repairs when friendly player deploy or use it.

Sniper Team

-Add Damage vs Vehicle on KSVK 12.7


Con Artist If you reading this, Please Change and Fixed it

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Fur Dozy

Fur Dozy
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These are intentional differences to make the game more interesting, they might be balanced more in the future.

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