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Hit And Run Skill

attack roll forward roll backward roll hit and run

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DZ attack action consist of aim, forward roll to shoot WeaponAPS hits, backward roll wait 1 second finish, reload when capacity is 0. Thus the average APS in range is HitChance*(1+UserSpeciality+0.007*UserRangedCombat)/(1/WeaponAPS+ReloadTime/Capacity). There is a way to keep average APS and move at the same time just like other RPG games: hit and run skill. That is using the backward roll almost 0.9s to move.


Hit and run is more useful when combining with defender never fight back. For a recent example, my recon use 1 AK to aim 1 of 3 defenders for 0.1s, then shoot 7 hits and stop, I move to cancel attack and wait 1s to move back to shoot defender again. Then defender never shoot me. He put me on bounty office because he can't believe this 1 man raid.


I can use 1 man to kill 10 defenders if he can't cover me and I have infinite time. Hit and run help me shorten the time. Some words to Con: 0.9s backward roll seems too long, u can adjust forward roll time according to APS so that cancel backward roll. Defenders should share preception in 10 units radius so that they can help each other to fight back. 

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