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Game Crash Before The End Of Mission

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I was on a mission in North Trenton Police Station 10 mins ago. Just as I tried to leave the place, the game stack for some time and a message that " My game could not been saved" appeared, then the game crashed. My internet connection was fine at that time. Now I lost all the items scavenged, plus I have to wait for my team to return (without any items scavenged on them). Is there a way to get the items scavenged on that mission?


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Hi, well, my game crashed in diferent ocassions while playing a mission, and when i recharge the page the survivors who i sended to this mission have a delay to return to compound without a injuries, thats good, normal, but the items i was scavenged, sometimes very good or rare items, not appear in my inventory, they´re not here, i hate when that´s occur. Can help me or guide me so that this does not happen again, thanks a lot.

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