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Hi Devs! There Is 1 Concurent On Steam Right Now Stealing Your Ideas. Time To Kick Back!

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OK. That game was avaliable in early access, then they switched off servers preparing game for release. Its name "Red Tides", its 1 lane card/strategy/tower defence, that looks very different but very similiar in idea of gameplay. So i think, while they are copying your ideas - you could find something interesting in their game, may be 3x3 combat?


They now took idea of commander skills!


AND if you will not make ranking system - i think i will stop playing soon. You know that ranking system stimulates to play even if you dont need to develop troops...





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Hi Shiva, 


Their game has been in development for a while too. They are similar yeah, but no-one is stealing from us, it's ok :)