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Game Modes

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I'd like to suggest a couple of possible game modes that may work well with this style of gameplay. I encourage others to improve the ideas below, and to submit your own ideas.




There is a defender, and an attacker.

The map is strongly in the defender's favour, and they might be able to place troops before the match starts.

The attacker is stronger than the defender, and must try to overcome their defences. Bonuses might include extra Reinforcements, faster Resource Generation, and etc..




The same as normal, except that there are two lanes instead of one. Soldiers will attack enemies on the other lane, but can't move to it. Players must work together with a partner, to try and overcome the enemy team.



2v1 Siege

A combination of the previous two modes. The Defender gets several buffs, to make them equal with the two attackers. The attackers will have to synergize their efforts, in order to defeat a skilled defender



King of the Hill

Players try to control the centre of the map. You earn points for every second that it is part of your territory. When you earn X points, you win. Or, if the timer runs out, the player with the highest points wins.

There is no HQ area to attack, and Reinforcements are doubled.


Alternative: Land Grab

You're trying to hold as much ground as possible. The more of the battlefield you own, the more points you get every second. Players try to push the enemy back to earn points. I think this would be more interesting.




More similar to Warfare: 1917. In this mode, you lose morale when men are killed, and you lose if morale gets too low.



World War

A grand strategy element, where winning PvP matches can help your faction to conquer territories and win faction wars.

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hi dude . 

I'm agree with 2v2 and King of the hill but not very enthusiast with siege mode , but why not .

W8 & C

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